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Surgeon's Publications

Dr Lim has published more than 25 papers in International Peer Reviewed Plastic Surgery and Research journals since 1992, and still serves as a peer reviewer for journals as well as for competitive grants. He has additionally edited a book on Hand Surgery, and written a book chapter on Plastic Surgery.


  1. Lim IJ, Chia YW, Theobald D, Goh P (1993) Laparoscopic exploration of the common bile duct through a choledochotomy: Report of three cases. J Hep Bil Pancr Surg 1: 33-35, 1993
  2. Chua S, Arulkumaran S, Lim IJ, Selamat N, Ratnam SS (1994) Influence of breastfeeding and nipple stimulation on postpartum uterine activity. Br J Obstet Gynaecol 101(9): 804-805, 1994
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  5. Chan KO, Lim IJ, Baladas HG, Tan WTL. Multifocal trichilemmal carcinoma: a case report
    Br J Plast Surg 52(8): 665- 667, 1999 (Corresponding Author)
  6. Lim IJ, Phan TT, Song C, Tan WTL, Longaker MT. Investigation of the influence of keloid-derived keratinocytes on fibroblast growth and proliferation in-vitro.
    Plast Reconstr Surg 107: 797-808, 2001
  7. Peled Z, Lim IJ, Phan TT, Cowan CM, Warren SM, Bouletreau PJ, Crisera FE, Erfani S, Chang J, Longaker MT. Enhanced transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-?1) and reduced Smad 7 gene expression characterize keloid human keratinocytes: implications for keloid pathogenesis.
    Surg Forum, Vol LII, 563-567, 2001
  8. Lim IJ, Phan TT, Bay BH, Peled Z, Qi R, Pereira BP, Huynh H, Tan WTL, Lee ST, Longaker MT. Induction of keloid-like collagen secretory characteristics in normal fibroblasts co-cultured with keloid-derived keratinocytes. Surg Forum, Vol LII, 560-563, 2001
  9. Phan TT, Lim IJ, Bay BH, Qi R, Pereira BP, Huynh H, Tan WTL, Lee ST, Longaker MT. Differences in collagen production between normal and keloid-derived fibroblasts in serum-media co-culture with keloid-derived keratinocytes. J Dermatol Sci 29(1): 26-34, 2002 (Joint First Authorship)
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  12. Wang Z, Trinidade M, Fong K, Peled Z, Phan TT, Lim IJ, Yang G, Smith L, Longaker MT. Growth factor production by keloid and normal fibroblasts after physical stress J Am Coll Surg 195(3S): S49, 2002
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  14. Chaw CS, Yang YY, Lim IJ, Phan TT, Chung N. Water-soluble betamethasone-loaded poly(lactide-co-glycolide) microparticles as sustained release dosage forms. Effects of formulation, process types and fabrication conditions on the performance of microparticles. J Microencapsulation 20(3): 349-359, 2003
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  17. Phan TT, Lim IJ, Sun L, Chan SY, Bay BH, Tan EK, Lee ST. Quercetin inhibits fibronectin production keloid-derived fibroblasts: implications for the treatment of excessive scars. J Dermatol Science, 2003 (Joint First Authorship)
  18. Yang GP, Lim IJ, Phan TT, Lorenz HP, Longaker MT. From scarless fetal wounds to keloids: molecular studies in wound healing. Wound Rep Regen 11:411-418, 2003
  19. Lim IJ. A New Era of Clinician Scientists
    Ann Acad Med Singapore 33(1): 117, 2004
  20. Xia W, Phan TT, Lim IJ, Longaker MT, Yang GP. Complex epithelial-mesenchymal interactions modulate transforming growth factor-beta expression in keloid-derived cells. Wound Rep Regen 12: 546-556, 2004
  21. Xia W, Kong W, Phan TT, Lim IJ, Longaker MT, Yang GP. Increased CTGF transcription in keloid fibroblasts requires cooperativity between AP-1 and Smad binding sites. Mol Cell Biol 2004 (accepted for publication)
  22. Phan TT, Lim IJ, Tan EK, Lee ST. Suppression of TGF-beta/smad signaling in keloid-derived fibroblasts by quercetin: Implication for treatment of excessive scars. Journal of Trauma 2004; 57: 1032-1037
  23. Phan TT, Lim IJ, BH Bay, J Tan, ST Lee. Evaluation of cell culture on polyurethane-based membrane - Implication for tissue engineering of skin and other surface tissues. Cell and Tissue Banking (in press)
  24. Chong EJ, Lim CT, Lim IJ, Phan TT. Application of biotechnology, nanotechnology and tissue engineering in cosmetic medicine. Cosmetics Medicine (invited review paper)
  25. Mukhkopadhyay A, Tan EK, Khoo YT, Chan SY, Lim IJ, Phan TT. Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions in keloids induce contraction of fibroblast-populated collagen lattices. British Journal of Dermatology 2005; 152: 639-645

Lim IJ, Kour AK, Pho RWH. Lengthening in free vascularised fibular graft
Hand Clinics 15(4): 585- 588, 1999


Lim IJ, Lim BH. Nerve Compression Injuries in General Practitioners' Guide to Hand Surgery, Lim BH, Looi KP, Lim IJ (Eds), 2000
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