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Liposuction / Liposculpture

Unwanted rolls and bumps over the tummy and thighs; Spare tyres around tummy (Michelin Man tummy); Saddlebag hips; Double chin; Fat arms, knees and ankles

Description of Procedure:

Liposuction is a surgical procedure where fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat) is removed by vacuum aspiration. Removal of this fat thus recontours and sculpts the figure (thus liposculpture)- it is not a weight reduction strategy! Scars are hidden along natural skin crease lines and fade beautifully over time. Dr Lim’s preference is to use tumescent power assisted liposuction. Although it sounds straightforward enough, oftentimes what might appear to be ‘fat’ may actually be excess skin or tummy muscle bulging after, for example, pregnancy! It is therefore important to consult first to see exactly what you think the problem area is, whereupon Dr Lim will offer his suggestions as to what can be done.

PLEASE NOTE: Liposuction is not the remedy for cellulite and may even worsen it!

  • General Anaesthesia, Intravenous sedation.

Hospital Stay:
  • A day surgical procedure performed in the clinic.
  • Can also be performed in hospital at your request.

  • You will be able to walk out of the clinic
  • Pressure garment to be worn for a month
  • Sutures out at 1 week
  • Normal activities can be resumed after a few days with the pressure garment on.Remnant bruising and swelling will resolve by 2 weeks
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