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Eyelid Surgery (Upper Eyelids)

(Please also see Double Eyelid Creation)
Drooping, creasy eyelid skin hanging over the eyes and possibly ON the eyelashes; disappearing double eyelids; restricted eye opening; furrowed forehead as you start to constantly raise your brow to elevate the drooping eyelid skin with fatigue after doing that for too long.

Description of Procedure:
Through scars placed at your normal upper eyelid skin crease, this operation lifts the eyelids to a more youthful position to 'brighten up' the eye area by removing excess skin. Bulging fat pads near the inner corner of the eye can be removed at the same time. Privileged eyelid skin heals beautifully with a scar that will fade in time. Double eyelids created previously can be reconstructed at this time.

  • Local Anaesthesia with or without Intravenous sedation.

Hospital Stay:
  • You will be able to walk out of the clinic
  • Sutures out at between 4 to 6 days
  • Normal activities can be resumed almost immediately with sunglasses
  • Bruising is usually minimal but swelling will invariably be present
  • Old lax thin skin is more prone to bruising! This will resolve by 2 weeks (so if you fit this description you will need to plan to be socially absent for 2 weeks)
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