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Breast Enlargement (Breast Augmentation)

Breasts that have always been small; Breasts that have shrunk after breastfeeding and are starting to droop; Where larger breasts are desired.

Description of Procedure:
This operation restores volume to small or shrunken breasts by the addition of silicone implants. The implants may be inserted through discreet, hidden scars via the armpit, under the breast, or from around the areola of the nipple. Dr Lim's preference is the insertion of the highest quality silicone cohesive gel filled implants through a 'stealth incision' around the areola which fades beautifully with time and does not affect nipple sensation. Silicone gel filled implants have a natural feel very similar to normal breasts. Mentor implants used by Dr Lim hold a lifetime guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: Silicone implants DO NOT increase breast cancer risk or autoimmune disease risk. Mammograms can still be taken- please inform the radiologist that implants are present before the mammogram!

  • General Anaesthesia, Intravenous sedation with paravertebral block.

Hospital Stay:
  • A day surgical procedure performed in the clinic.
  • Can also be performed in hospital at your request.

  • Pressure garment to be worn for 1 month
  • You will be able to walk out of the clinic
  • Normal activities can be resumed after 1 week although some patients have been known to return to work after a few days!
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